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Oral Sleep Appliance Therapy is covered by almost All MEDICAL insurance plans!
Do you or a loved one snore?  
Do you find you're tired most of the time?  
Do you wake up feeling tired, irritable and restless?
Did you know that these could be signs of a potentially
 life-threatening sleep disorder called 
Obstructive Sleep Apnea? 
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SleepWell Appliance

The Lamberg SleepWell Appliance holds the jaw and tongue in a comfortable, forward position to keep the airway open during sleep.


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Expert Articles

Dr. Lamberg has been featured as an airway management and Sleep Disorders Advisor in Dental Sleep Practice, Inside Dentistry...


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Our office is small enough to provide personal, individual attention, yet large enough to provide all the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technologies.  


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In The News

Sleep Apnea & Snoring are in the news lately as more research and discoveries are being done in the medical community.


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Dr. Steven Lamberg


Dr. Steve Lamberg has been practicing all phases of general dentistry in Northport, New York for over 39 years with a focus on comprehensive restorative dentistry.  He received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis Missouri and then completed his DDS at New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Lamberg has served as an associate clinical professor at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine and has served as Chief of Staff at the Jewish Home and Hospital in New York City. A strong interest in cosmetic dentistry led him to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and he served as the president of the New York Chapter in 1998.  After completing all the courses at the Dawson Academy he studied at the Misch Institute and then went on to complete the curriculum and become a graduate of the Kois Center.  Always passionate about sleep and total body wellness, he became a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine in 2011 and has served on their board review faculty.  He is the inventor of the Lamberg SleepWell Appliance and holds several related patents. Dr. Lamberg is on the editorial review board of Dental Sleep Practice and has contributed many articles to help dentists launch dental sleep medicine as an integral part of their general practice.  He lectures internationally on topics related to dental sleep medicine and wellness and has published both adult and pediatric sleep screening questionnaires.  He is currently involved with research evaluating sleep disordered breathing and autism. Dr. Lamberg has also launched a pediatric airway network on long island, PAANNY, where dentists and physicians collaborate on treating very young patients in an effort to prevent obstructive sleep apnea in adults.

Dr. Steven Lamberg is an active member of the following organizations:

  • American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • American Academy Of Dental Sleep Medicine

  • Academy Of General Dentistry

  • American Academy Of Sleep Medicine

  • World Association Of Sleep Medicine

  • Wellness Dentistry Network

  • American Equilibration Society

  • American Dental Association

  • Pediatric and Adult Airway Network of New York


Dr. Lamberg enjoys: sailing, yoga, tennis, golf, healthy cooking, gardening, travel, and book clubs as well as hosting educational events on nutrition and wellness for his patients and their families.

Real Patients, Real Results

Dr. Lamberg re-diagnosed my sleep apnea & dedicated a lot of time discussing my condition and alternative treatments. We decided a dental appliance would help my breathing and allow me to give up the continuous pressure machine which was intrusive. His staff were professional, patient and kind to me as they X rayed my mouth and measured it. When the appliance was delivered, he fitted it and discussed future appointments. I am pleased by the service. Thanks, Dr. Lamberg! - John, NY

Dr. Lamberg is the real deal! I went to Dr. Lamberg for snoring issues. He took his time and explained how snoring could play havoc on other parts of the body as well. Since using his device, I haven't had one sinus infection - I would usually get two or three per year. The device has even helped with my grinding my teeth at night so my TMJ is much better. I'm less tired and can stay awake during the day, my family is grateful for the lack of snoring too !! The device works ! Sometimes you don't realize how bad you've been feeling until you start to get relief, Dr. Lamberg has done that for me. I live on the queens border and take the trip to Northport- Dr. Lamberg is worth it 

-Gail, NY

Snoring is often caused by the area in the back of your throat and your jaw placement - not your nose as so many people believe. Therefore a dentist can offer a non- evasive solution better than an ENT. That's why Dr. Lamberg is an excellent choice to solving your snoring problem.

- Ron, NY



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